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Have you tried to have a baby before and the pregnancy ended in miscarriage?
Have you lost a baby to miscarriage and now are afraid of it happening again?
Are you ready to get pregnant and carry your pregnancy with full confidence to full term?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

My name is Veronica Anusionwu. I am the author of “Oh God, Why All the Miscarriages?” I am also the creator of the End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass.

For over 20 years, I have helped countless families across the nations of the world beat infertility and miscarriage.
 Using healing affirmations from God’s Word. With hundreds of testimonies from all nations of the world.

Before we go any further, I want you to know that I empathise with you on your loss. Whether it has just happened, or it happened years ago, the loss of life is deeply felt, and I know that fully well—because I have experienced it too. I know how hard it is to lose an unborn child. I have felt that pain before and I am always ready and willing to stand with you to help you overcome miscarriage.

My miscarriage testimony

It happened so suddenly. I was three months pregnant, very healthy, eating and drinking well. Everything seemed to be going on well with my pregnancy.  On that fateful night, I  went to bed and was feeling ok.  Then at about 5 a.m., I felt the urge to use the toilet. So I got up and went into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and the next thing I saw was blood. I was bleeding profusely and had clots of blood falling out into the toilet. I did not need anyone to tell me I was having a  miscarriage. In an instant, my baby was gone. The pain in my heart and my body was intense. Apart from my husband, no one else knew, and I did not go to the hospital. I bore my pain alone. I wept and then I got up to pray. Thank God for a living faith; I was able to cry out to the Lord, knowing He was there for me. That gave me the strength to go through it.  I had to be strong; strong for myself and for the many sisters who have experienced this kind of predicament before. I thank God for upholding me with HIS righteous right Hand. He is a faithful and merciful God.

I feel your pain

How many women each day go through this pain, this loss, who like me never go to the hospital? How many women bear the pain, shame and guilt of miscarriage on their own? I wanted an answer and I wanted it fast, and I began to pray. Now I encourage you to seek the wisdom and guidance of your doctor even as you take the Miscarriage Masterclass. Prayer makes a difference. We have had cases where women started their prayer plan with me and, suddenly, the doctor found a way to help them, which they didn’t know before. I always say, “The hand of the doctor is the hand of God.’ Come to God first, and your doctor will find a way quickly to help you if needed.

My Calling To Heal infertility and miscarriage

After my miscarriage, I began to cry out to God to find out why this had happened to me. I wanted God to tell me why miscarriages are prevalent in the world today. “Oh God, why are there so many women suffering miscarriages in the world today?” I cried out and it was no longer about me. I had many friends who either had a miscarriage or lost a child at birth. I wanted an answer fast and God answered me immediately when He told me ‘to write a book on my miscarriage experience from His Word to correct this issue and help women all over the world who are struggling from the pain of going through a miscarriage or child loss’. That was when I wrote the book, “Oh God, Why All the Miscarriages?” Out of this life-saving book comes “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass.”

God gave me a baby boy and He will do it for you too

Through God’s help and power I conceived again very quickly. Using all the information the Lord was teaching me at that time through His Word I was able to have a very happy pregnancy and pain-free childbirth. God enabled me to embrace a son. His name is Emmanuel. My heart desire for you is that God will do the same for you too in Jesus mighty name.

I have created theEnd Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass’ to help you heal and to enable you to carry your baby to full term. The  Masterclass will take you step-by-step through the process of defeating miscarriage. And embracing a living and healthy baby in your arms.

The Masterclass will show you how to use faith in the healing affirmations found in the Word of God. You will receive the spiritual help you need to overcome miscarriage.

You will discover the exact strategies I have used to help hundreds of women from every nation of the world overcome infertility and miscarriage.

Learn directly from me

You will learn directly from me. By the special grace of God, I have helped and taken special care of hundreds of men and women from the nations of the world as they defeated miscarriage and infertility.
This Masterclass will enable you to work with me. You will get to experience first-hand the amazing love of God that flows through my life.


At a recent interview, this is what Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, (which has more than 250 titles and 500 million copies in print in over 40 languages) said about God’s anointing on my life.

Listen Here:

Jack Canfield Interviews Veronica Anusionwu


You are stronger than the miscarriage

Miscarriage and stillbirth are harsh realities faced by many expecting couples. If you have lost your baby, you know how distressing and painful this loss can be. At times like this, you might wonder if you will ever have a baby to hold and call your own. 
Surviving the emotional effect of miscarriage is possible. And many women go on to have successful pregnancies, you can too.

Super easy ways to learn everything about how to overcome miscarriage revealed

Over the years, God has taught me so much from His Word about miscarriage. The things He has taught me has helped so many women overcome miscarriage. Gleaning from the treasure house of God’s wisdom imparted to me. I have developed the “Miscarriage Masterclass” for you. It is your A-Z guide on how to overcome miscarriage. You will not find anything like this anywhere out there today.

Why I Want to Hold your hand and teach you all I know to beat miscarriage
Miscarriage is a thief of life and destiny. I know how I felt when I lost my baby. I know how it feels to lose a child. And for so many women, this could go on and on forever; miscarriage after miscarriage. You need someone who has gone through it and overcame it, to help you.

I am here to help you, to teach you and guide you to win over miscarriage. As I have done for all the women whose pictures you see holding their babies on my website.

Many women trying to do it in their strength may not be able to win over miscarriage. Sometimes even the doctors are not able to help you. They try and then get to the place where their own knowledge and power ends.

Here is the full cost of “not solving the miscarriage problem you are facing now.”

I recently met a woman of 69 in New York who told me her story. She had suffered three miscarriages and after that never got pregnant again. I could see the sadness in her eyes as she encouraged me to develop this Masterclass from my book to help you. She said, “I wish I had met someone like you when I was going through those miscarriages. I am sure I would have had a baby today”.

Sometimes just reading a book is not enough.

Random prayers may not be enough.

You need someone who knows what they are doing to hold your hand.

I am here to help you. I want you to enrol on this Masterclass. I will teach you how to deal with miscarriage using the eternal and all-powerful word of God. I am so willing to help you get through any and all ordeals that may arise as we walk this journey of faith together.

This is what Angela has to say about “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full -Term Healthy Baby Masterclass


I was healed of a fibroid tumour and incompetent cervix and blessed with a baby 

Hello Veronica, thank you so much for bringing me hope at a hopeless time in my life. This is my testimony: I had 4-5 miscarriages before I found Veronica and received the promises from her ministry. I had a fibroid tumour the size of a golf ball. God completely healed me of the fibroid and the doctors labelled me as having an incompetent cervix, meaning I could not hold the baby because my cervix wasn’t strong enough. They told me I would have to get it stitched up. But GOD healed me of that too!! Now I have three more children since then. Thank You, Pastor Veronica, for allowing the Lord Jesus to use you to help many women believe it can happen for them. Now I too want to help women KNOW it can happen for them!! 

Angela Ewharekuko

In the welcome and introduction class, you will:

• Learn how to receive healing from your pain
• Use the life-changing affirmations from God’s Word to overcome miscarriage
• Use Special healing prayers written just for you – from Veronica Anusionwu

(Every module consists of short 5-10 minutes videos. Giving you the solution you need in a quick and easy format) 

Module #1


These questions are from women just like you who have suffered a miscarriage in the past and the solutions I gave them which helped them beat miscarriage. These same solutions will help you too. You will find these answers only here in this Master Class.

Why are so many women today having miscarriages? The answer may surprise you. Find the answer inside the masterclass. 

What can go wrong in a woman that can cause her to miscarry

 How to pray against Recurrent Miscarriages.   

 What can go wrong in the foetus that can trigger a miscarriage?

How to deal with issues like fibroids and other growths that can occur in the womb. These growths can sometimes cause a miscarriage. I give you healing affirmations that help you recover.

What can I do if the doctor says “I should have an abortion because the baby has a congenital disorder?” There are specific healing affirmations you can use to help you at a time like this.

 Veronica where is my baby now? I know you will want to know where the precious baby you lost is right now. And God has the answer for you. You will discover the beautiful place where your baby is right now, and how happy he/she is! Yes, you will receive comfort by knowing this good news.

I answer these questions, and more for you, bringing you the healing ointment of God’s Word.

I answer your questions on miscarriage and give you the exact answer from God’s word to help you overpower miscarriage.

(If you have any questions, please submit them on the Facebook page once you have joined the Masterclass system and I will answer them for you. The answers will also be posted on the module page for other women to benefit from.)

I have seen these healing affirmations cure and give babies to women for over 20 years. It has happened again and again. That’s why I am so excited to see you start on this Masterclass.

Your journey to victory over miscarriage and child loss starts as soon as you enrol!


I have A Baby Girl 
“Dear Veronica, This is to inform you that I now have a baby girl. Thank you so much for your guidance and your anointed prayers. God bless you for all you have done for my family”.


Module #2


How to confront the shame of miscarriage (it is not your fault) so there is no reason to feel ashamed.
How to face and deal with the pain of miscarriage, so you too can receive healing.
Learn how to speak healing words boldly and victoriously over yourself. Fortify your mind against demeaning thoughts.
 You are worth far more than you have ever thought. Allow me to help you regain all you have lost.
Bonus: A Special love letter for you from the Lord. While I was writing my book Oh God Why All the miscarriage? I kept writing this chapter, it just flowed and flowed like a stream of love. When I read it later, it was a love letter from the Father heart of God to you. This particular message of love will bless you tremendously.
Over the years so many women have come to seek my help who did not know why they had suffered so many miscarriages. They couldn’t understand why it happened to them. Well, God Almighty knows, and there is enough power in His word to help you overcome miscarriage. The same God who supported me and blessed me with a baby soon after my miscarriage will do the same for you.
Using the unfailing Word Of God many women have overcome infertility. They are now happy parents enjoying their healthy babies. May this be your result too in Jesus’ mighty name.

My friend Mercy started bleeding in her fifth month of pregnancy. They told her the pregnancy was no more viable.
She used the prayers from the miscarriage Masterclass, and the bleeding stopped immediately. She went on to have a perfect pregnancy and a healthy baby boy.

Module #3


In this module, I teach you how to fight back. The “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby” Masterclass will give you the keys to overcome miscarriage.
 Discover the spiritual healing affirmations I used when I got pregnant again after my miscarriage.
(During my pregnancy, I took my stand and declared victory over miscarriage. This time my pregnancy was a blissful one. I went on to safely deliver my second child; a bouncing baby boy.)
 Learn how to use powerful and specific healing affirmations to get out of rough places.
  I will teach you how to take your stand against miscarriage.
 I will show you how to deal with the pain of your loss.
 You have power over miscarriage. Don’t allow it to keep taking your pregnancy! It’s time for you to get up and stand your ground.


“I met Veronica six months after I had a miscarriage and my doctor diagnosed me with polycystic ovary syndrome. I started working with her immediately. She gave me a prayer plan and coached me and was so supportive. She would encourage me when I became discouraged. Six months after I contacted her, I became pregnant. Thank you so much, Veronica. “


Module #4


 In this module, I show you how to deal with your pain. Over the years, so many women who did not know why they had suffered so many miscarriages have come to seek my help. They didn’t understand why it was happening to them. Well, God Almighty knows and there is enough power in His word to help you overcome miscarriage.

 God has granted me the anointing to help you and to empower you to overcome this evil. That’s what He did for me.

I share the truth with you of how God’s Word comforted me in my pain and how you too can tap into this anointing.

 The miscarriage Masterclass will help you wave goodbye to miscarriage. It will be a thing of the past in your life. I have mentored and coached women, who sometimes, have been in awful places. They were already pregnant before they found me and they are told: “Your baby is not going to make it.” Then, I step in and I begin to teach them how to speak specific promises of God’s Word over their lives. I stand with them. See the result for yourself! “Check the hundreds of testimonials we have received!” God Almighty has the power to reverse whatever unpleasant situation you are facing.

I want you to know that God Almighty is here and ever ready to help you. The Miscarriage masterclass will help any woman who is facing any reproductive loss. It deals with issues like premature birth, stillbirth, incompetent cervix and many more.

“After a miscarriage and a cyst operation, I became infertile for three years. Chinese medical and herbal doctors treated me. It was all in vain. I came across Veronica’s website and signed up with her. Eight weeks later, I conceived. Just look at me now with baby Eunice. Surely God is great!

Mrs. Hsiao Huey


Module #5



Sometimes women are afraid of getting pregnant at a certain age. Are you one of those women who are so scared of getting pregnant because of your age?

The “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full -Term Healthy Baby Masterclass” is for you. In this module you get all the help you need to carry your baby in your womb to birth. You are not too old to have a baby.

Even if they told you, you are too old to carry a baby to full term. I want you to know there is hope for you. I want to help you hold your baby in your arms. There are healing affirmations for older women who are not yet pregnant and are fearful of getting pregnant because of age.

You may say, “I don’t want to get pregnant because my baby may have a congenital disorder because of my age.” There is nothing to fear. God wants you to have and embrace a baby in your arms.

I have mentored women who have had children in old age. Healthy babies have been born to these women because they trusted the healing word of God.

The “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full -Term Healthy Baby Masterclass” is sure to show you how to go from where you now. To where you want to be, as a happy mother of a healthy child.

You will discover what you need to do. Step by step, to achieve your dreams of having a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful full-term baby.

“I suffered 3 miscarriages before contacting Pastor V.  She helped me tremendously to overcome miscarriage. Under her spiritual care and guidance, I gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy.”


Module #6


Why praise? Praise is the password to all your blessing.

In this module, I hold your hand and teach you how to praise God. Praise is the password to all your blessing. When you praise God, you prepare the way for your help to come into your life.
Praise is a way maker.
Learn the benefit of praise.
Discover how to praise God the right way.
Learn how to appreciate His love and goodness through praise. As you do this, your harvest flows into your life.

Reap the harvest of your praise, an unending harvest that comes through your praise.


Dear Veronica, I have given birth to a baby girl on Christmas day. My testimony is a big one, and I give God glory for it. I had fibroids and blocked fallopian tubes, and my doctor said  I wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally. But God did it, and I conceived twins. Unfortunately, I miscarried, but God used you in my life to bless me with a baby again. This beautiful gift of life. Thank you for teaching me how to trust God’s Word and how to use it to overcome the impossible situation I faced”. Yours in Christ.



Module #7


The Healing room is a special place I have prepared for you. You can come into the healing room at any time and receive rest from all your pain and hassles.

 Join the prayer sessions.

Healing prayers from the ministry team.

Enjoy soothing music for your spirit and soul.

Mediate on God’s love for you as you rest in the healing room.

Powerful scriptures are hanging on the walls that will build your faith and encourage you.

You will find rest and peace from all your pain as you enter the healing room. Enjoy the healing room.

“Very well put together. This Masterclass is a God sent help to any woman who has had a miscarriage or lost a baby. Veronica helped me overcome miscarriage after everyone gave up on me”.

Jean Bolton

Module #8


 In this module, I will show you how to use your words and thoughts wisely so that nothing hinders your miracle. Your words and your thoughts have power.

First, I will discuss your words. Words have incredible power. They have an assignment and substance in them. God created the earth with words. In Genesis chapter I, God created by speaking words. God said, “Let there be light and there was light.”

Jesus blessed, healed, performed miracles and cast out demons with words.  An example is, “and he cast out the spirits with his word” (Matt. 8:16).  You also have the same ability to create with your words.

The second key point is your thoughts

The Bible says in Proverb, “As a man thinks, so is he.”  Proverbs 23:7. Your thoughts direct your words, and your words shape your future, which will eventually determine your destiny.

in this module I show you:

How to let go of destructive thought patterns.

How to develop life-producing thoughts.

How to start releasing the prophetic power of God’s thoughts over your life and family.

What you, speak (confess and claim) is what you will receive.

If you say what you have, you will have what you say.

 The power of blessing and cursing is in your word.

Your Words have the power to determine the direction your life will take.

 Receive the answers you need to enable you to become a joyful mother of children. As you learn how to use your words and thoughts to put an end to miscarriage and embrace a full-term healthy baby!



In the “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full -Term Healthy Baby Master Class”, you will discover what you need to do. Step by step, to achieve your dreams of having a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby.

Bonus #1

Specific Healing Videos: Learn how to use the information in my book “Oh God, Why All the Miscarriages?” to speak soothing and healing affirmations into your body.

Bonus #2

Special healing affirmation is written especially for you. To help you build faith quickly in God’s love and goodness for you.

Bonus #3

Join our amazing Facebook group

While not a requirement of the Masterclass, I do encourage you to join the private Facebook group. This is designed to support you with this program. You will meet like-minded women. You will get all the necessary help and support you need. As we stand united with one voice to help each other crush miscarriage. I will be there, or a member of my ministry team will be there, to support you always.

Bonus #4

Free complimentary sessions

I am so eager to help you, and once you join the program you will get a free one-hour complimentary session with me. Those who pay by instalments will get a free one-hour session with a member of my team.
I want to speak to you and find out what you are going through and how best I can help you to embrace your baby. You will also get an individualized prayer plan. The “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass” is created for you from a heart full of love for you.
I share the harrowing pain of your miscarriage. And I bring you my overwhelming love and compassion.

Listen to this happy mother,

“Dear Pastor,
I am grateful for your ministry and your books. I need to confess that earlier I don’t want to get pregnant due to fear of pain and agony I suffered in previous miscarriages, but your ministry opened my eyes beautifully and explained each concept of Gods love for me. After reading this, I wish to conceive and deliver a healthy baby for Christ. Thank you”.


Special daily affirmations for you

There are prayer affirmations in the PDF downloads that you can use to pray every day. There are also some general confessions which are prayers that you can also use every day.

Everyone is busy these days, and there may be days you don’t have time to log into the Masterclass website. On such days the printed version of the healing affirmations will come in handy for you.
Wherever you are, you will still be able to keep up with your prayers.

Positive actions like these will guarantee that miscarriage will never come your way again. Your pregnancy has started, so don’t allow anything to take it away from you. The Bible says that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is complete.

My gift to the women of the world

The book “Oh God, Why All the Miscarriages?” and “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full -Term Healthy Baby Masterclass” are the gifts I want to leave as a legacy for the women of the world. To know that miscarriage does not have the final say—only God does! And unless God says it’s finished, it is not finished.

I encourage you to enroll today in the “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full -Term Healthy Baby Masterclass.” No matter what area of reproductive loss you are facing, you will find an answer in the masterclass. I am here to help and guide you all the way. You will no longer be alone. 

once mentored a lady who had had six miscarriages before she came to me. She said, ‘I slept and woke up with the prayer plan you gave me and your book in my hands. When it came to the time I would usually miscarry, which was always at about 16 weeks, I was afraid. Then I remembered everything you taught me on fear and stood my ground. With your guidance and support, I went on to have a very happy pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Thank you, Veronica.’ Martha. The same help I gave Martha is available to you. 

Are you ready to put an end to miscarriage and embrace a full term healthy baby in your arms?

If your answer is “yes,” then I am ready to walk this journey of faith step by step with you through this Masterclass. It is time for you to rejoice as you take back your power and declare your victory over miscarriage. 

I created the “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass” especially for women like you and me who have lost a baby to miscarriage and in it, I shared from my heart, my personal experience, and from my lifelong calling from God.

It’s a collection of the most valuable information and resources on overcoming miscarriage using healing affirmation and spirituality available today. And, it is meant to help equip and inspire you to see what wonders await you when you take that leap of faith to rely on God for your health, healing, and happiness.

His ways are truly miraculous…you will see! I hope and believe you will you find much joy and guidance working with me on this Masterclass…all is possible with God! Best Wishes and God Bless You.
 Veronica Anusionwu
Author, of “Oh God, Why All the Miscarriages?” And the creator of the “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass”.

P.S. In a few minutes, you can begin to allow God’s blessings to enter your life, richly and abundantly, as you discover the Biblical secrets to overcoming miscarriage and embracing a full-term healthy baby.

With over 30 informative and prayer-filled videos and PDF downloads with powerful, loving messages, including hundreds of tips and ideas for your specific situation, you’ll see how rewarding a God-focused life can be and how giving over your life and fertility to the Lord can be the best decision you’ve ever made for your family!

I know how you feel for I have been there too. Losing a baby to miscarriage is too painful to bear. But finally, here is the solution you need to help you.  The information I have used to create this Masterclass has worked for so many women just like you and me, and it helped each one of us put an end to miscarriage. It will do the same for you too. You can have your baby.
I am ready to hold your hand and walk you step by step through this Masterclass. It’s your time to crush miscarriage. Go ahead and enroll now and let us join our hands together as you put an end to miscarriage and embrace a full-term healthy baby.

 “This is my desire for you: “I want you to get pregnant, carry your baby to full term baby. Give birth and embrace your baby in your comforting arms. Feel the warmth of that new life. Feel the heartbeat upon your breast. Feel the unfailing love of God in Jesus mighty name”. Amen.

It is rare to find a Masterclass like this anywhere today — a program created by a woman just like you to help you win over miscarriage.

“End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass” is

For the woman who is tired of losing her child to miscarriage and wants God’s supernatural intervention.

Perfect for the woman who wants to have her baby right now and needs someone who has done it and knows the way. To hold her hand and help her to get better results than she ever thought possible.

No fluff. No touchy-feel theories. Only proven scriptural affirmations to make you a happy mother of a living baby.

Choose The Payment Option Below That Is Right For You…

Enroll in “End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass” today. You will have two years full access to all the modules, videos, PDF and all the support you need to enable you to conceive and carry your baby to full – term.  

The quickest & easiest way to end miscarriage and embrace a live and healthy baby

Are You Ready for Your Baby?
I know that the Lord has only the best in mind for any woman who has a desire to become a mother. So do not let anything stop you. Help is at hand, and together we will crush miscarriage.

End miscarriage masterclass will enable you to work together with me on a personal level. To help you get the desires of your heart — a full-term healthy baby.

Choose your Option Below…

Yes, Veronica!

I am In For

The End Miscarriage! Embrace a
Full-Term Healthy Baby


I understand that I will receive:

 8 End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass Modules (£697 value)

16 End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby! PDF Downloads (£497 value)

16 Recorded 5-20-minute training videos (£597 value)

Templates, examples, and handouts (£197 value)

MP3s of all calls (£197 value) will be added as we (commence live sessions)

Private Facebook forum access (ask me questions 24/7!) (Priceless!)

10 Specially Selected powerful faith Clinic messages that will bless you and help you to ‘Unlock Your Faith! (£250 value)

I will also receive the following:

I look forward to welcoming you into our family of the happy parent of children.

Our happy  families

Bonus: Ticket to Live Event ‘Help for Infertility Faith Clinic Conference  (Value Priceless) Guaranteed life-transforming event.

Total value of £3131


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And then five-monthly payments of £50.92 (£305.52 total) Free Consultations With A member of the ministry team (Valued at £497) (Installments payments)

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Free I hour Consultations with Veronica Anusionwu (Valued at £497) (Pay in full only)


Listen to Chinnys Testimony on How Veronica Helped Her Heal and Carry a Baby to Full Term After Three Miscarriages

What Happens After You Order?

Access the Members Only Area


After you order, you will be directed to The End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass members only area. You will also receive an email with your unique logins to get access at any time.

Access Your Bonuses


Once you log in to the members area you will get access to all the modules that are available to you straight away.

Join the Facebook Community


While not a requirement of the program, we do encourage you to join the private Facebook group designed to support you with this program.

“Veronica helped me to become a happy mother of children!”

“My sister and I had a miscarrying womb. We kept getting pregnant and miscarrying. We endured so much pain and anguish as we both lost so many babies to miscarriage. When we found Veronica, our story changed. I love Veronica Anusionwu! This lady knows God’s Word, and she is a fighter. Veronica was able to help us with a prayer plan to disgrace miscarriage. Her help and support enabled us to conceive and carry our pregnancies to full term. Look at my family today. May God bless you Mrs. Veronica Anusionwu. If you are experiencing miscarriage, this woman knows what she is talking about.

As one who has overcome miscarriage herself, not only has she beaten miscarriage, but the beauty of it all is that she has helped countless women to do the same. She has the experience and can teach you how to put an “End to Miscarriage and Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby” –Susan

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your program really help me, Veronica?

Absolutely!  I have worked tirelessly with women from across the world to overcome miscarriage and infertility. God has taught me how to use His Word to help women like you change their experience and defeat infertility.

My program has helped hundreds of women, just like you, make the right mind shift and they are happily on their way to becoming happy parents of their own babies.

 But you don’t have to take my word for it; here is what some of my students have said…

 “This Masterclass is very well put together and is a God-sent help to any woman who has had a miscarriage or lost a baby. The End Miscarriage! Embrace a Full-Term Healthy Baby Masterclass helped me overcome miscarriage after everyone gave up on me”. Jean Bolton

 “My name is Mercy and I thank God for my friend, Veronica. I started bleeding in my fifth month of pregnancy and was told my pregnancy was no more viable. Veronica stepped in immediately and began to pray, and she used the Word of God to stop the bleeding within hours. She gave me a prayer plan and taught me exactly how to use it. My pregnancy progressed to full term and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy”. Mercy

Reserve your place now for an experience that will fill your life with hope and joy!

It’s time to put an end to the pain and loss miscarriage brings. Discover the exciting answers that are making miscarriage a thing of the past. At last, you can finally have the full term healthy baby you want and deserve.

This masterclass gives you smart wisdom gleaned from God’s Word. Therein lies the answer to ending miscarriage and achieving a healthy pregnancy according to God’s plan for you.

This is the expert help YOU need now to have a healthy baby who will complete your life. Registering for this Masterclass could easily be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

Reserve your place now for an experience that will fill your life with hope and joy. Spaces are filling fast. Please register now. I look forward to helping you embrace the warmth of a healthy living baby. I look forward to hugging you and letting you know how much I care. I look forward to rejoicing with you as I have done with many families across the world. I will see you on the inside. Peace!


 Some of the happy families Blessed after working with Veronica!